Muradih Dam

About 15 Km. from Panchyet Hill , a big water body surrounded by hillocks. A famous picnic spot during winter season tourist parties come to the spot for picnic and enjoying scenic beauty. Many migratory birds come to this lake during winter. It is situated at the foothill of Muradih Hill. The water of this dam is mainly used for irrigation and fish production. The purified dam water is distributed in the neighboring villages through pipe line. The beauty of the dam is very attractive.


A lake, surrounded by hills covered with thick vegetation. Its close enough to stop by for the weekend. The best way to visit Boronti is to take a night train to Adra. From there, a local train will take you towards Asansol, through the rugged landscape of Purulia, past the towering cliffs of Jaichandi, to the sleepy station of Muradi. From Muradi, you can take a jeep or a leisurely but bumpy rickshaw ride to Boronti.